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A Scientific-Shamanic Approach to Religion

A Scientific-Shamanic Approach to Religion within the Series ‘The Shamanic Quest’ is a quite original essay that I wrote first in French and in a state of meditation. It is my intuition speaking.

The essay basically says that talking about religion is an impossible quest for on the mere verbal level, sharing spiritual insights is not possible because verbal language lacks the words we can share in order to share the experience behind the words.

But even when two people experience the same miracle or other mind-opening spiritual experience, they will experience it differently.

However, it is well possible to share spiritually by non-verbal togetherness … such as two saints sitting together for one hour …

The essay is structured in these chapters:
—The Unique Self
—The Secret and the Real
—Body and Soul
—Desire and Morality
—Approaching the Divine?

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