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The Warrior-Scientist

The Warrior-Scientist as part of the Series ‘The Shamanic Quest’ represents a closer look at the figure of the Shaman, who is not only a healer and a sage in all tribal shamanic cultures, but also a trusted communicator with the sacred, invisible realms inhabited by spirits, and last not least a healer.

The role of the shaman in these cultures has been misunderstood and devalued by early Western ethnology, but since the 1960s, and the starting point taken with Mircea Eliade’s academic study ‘Shamanism’ (1964), this image of the shaman or native priest has been revised. It is now established research that shamans are people with superior personal and interpersonal skills who often as early as in adolescence follow a call to become a guide and healer for their clan or even their entire tribe.

The article has been completed with a review of Dr. Alberto Villoldo’s book ‘Shaman, Healer, Sage’ (2000) which today can be considered as one of the best resources on the subject of shamanism in general, and the role of the shaman, in particular.

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The Shamanic Method

The Shamanic Method as part of the Series ‘The Shamanic Quest’ is a study that is based on my essential hypothesis that shamanism is a science, the first real science that humanity has developed through the wisdom of native aboriginal peoples around the world.

The article first elucidates what detracted shamanism from being recognized as a valid science, based on objective observation of nature and repeatable experimentation, then it shows shamanism’s model function in our culture, and finally explains how shamanism has finally, in the 20th century, entered our own Western culture, and what this means for our cultural and spiritual development.

In the last chapter, it is further explained how shamanism can be a science and a tool for achieving ecstasy—the contemplation of wholeness—at the same time, something that our Western science has never even attempted to achieve.

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The Role of Intention in the Shamanic Experience

The Role of Intention in the Shamanic Experience as part of the Series ‘The Shamanic Quest’ is a study that is based on the essential hypothesis erected in my report ‘An Ayahuasca Journey’ about my experience with the sacred Ayahuasca brew back in 2004 in Ecuador.

The hypothesis I have erected in that report was that there is no linear causation by plant chemistry only, as most of the shamanism researchers admit, such as ‘it’s the DMT in the brew that causes the consciousness-altering cognitive experience.’

My report showed with much evidence that it is rather the shaman’s intention for guiding the client’s Ayahuasca voyage that is the main causation, while this intention and the thought forms that go along with it, is amplified and transmitted by the plant’s entheogenic matrix.

The present article generalizes this insight and tries to elucidate how intention plays a crucial role in all shamanic experience and is a practical tool of the experienced shaman in his healing efforts and his relations with the spirit world.

See also An Ayahuasca Journey

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The Matriarchal Science

The Matriarchal Science within the Series ‘The Shamanic Quest’ is a study that outlines the present debate about the dichotomy of matriarchy-patriarchy.

On the level of the collective unconscious, the study demonstrates that the historical transition from matriarchy to patriarchy has not taken place in so far as the matriarchal symbols and cosmic energy holders, such as the lunar bull, and the serpent, are still present as ‘counterplayers’ to patriarchy within the universal unconscious.

What we can learn from mythology, as this study shows, is to find solutions that are viable and durable because they are integrated in the landscape of soul, and our collective unconscious, and not just green table solutions that may appeal to our rational mind only.

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An Ayahuasca Journey

An Ayahuasca Journey within the Series ‘The Shamanic Quest’ is a report of my Ayahuasca voyage in 2004 to Ecuador, where I was drinking the sacred brew in the presence of an experienced Shuar shaman.

I erect the hypothesis that when the traditional Ayahuasca brew is ingested, it is not, or not directly, the plant’s DMT that causes the spiritual voyage, as it is assumed in the overwhelming part of the literature on shamanism and entheogens, but the shaman’s superconsciousness impacting upon the consciousness of the shaman’s client, the seeker of truth who comes to drink the brew.

I explain in this paper the various theories of causation, report my own Ayahuasca experience in all detail, and cite the few research results from other consciousness researchers (Narby, Leadbeater, Villoldo) that seem to corroborate my hypothesis.

My hypothesis is that the shaman’s directed superconscious intent impacts on the plant’s consciousness matrix and uses this matrix as a transmitting and amplifying agent of his powerful thought forms. I call this a multi-causative theory of causation versus the reigning single-causative theory that holds it was solely the plant’s or the brew’s DMT that causes the consciousness-altering effects. I also bring forth evidence from the experience itself that appears to strongly corroborate my conclusions.

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A Scientific-Shamanic Approach to Religion

A Scientific-Shamanic Approach to Religion within the Series ‘The Shamanic Quest’ is a quite original essay that I wrote first in French and in a state of meditation. It is my intuition speaking.

The essay basically says that talking about religion is an impossible quest for on the mere verbal level, sharing spiritual insights is not possible because verbal language lacks the words we can share in order to share the experience behind the words.

But even when two people experience the same miracle or other mind-opening spiritual experience, they will experience it differently.

However, it is well possible to share spiritually by non-verbal togetherness … such as two saints sitting together for one hour …

The essay is structured in these chapters:
—The Unique Self
—The Secret and the Real
—Body and Soul
—Desire and Morality
—Approaching the Divine?

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A Science of Pattern

‘A Science of Pattern’ within the Series ‘The Shamanic Quest’ is a research report about what I found to be ‘Eight Dynamic Patterns of Living’ in the lifestyle of tribal native populations around the world.

These lifestyle patterns secure in native populations a harmonious relationship with nature, and integration of emotions and a generally peaceful lifestyle.

By the same token, their absence in the lifestyle of dominator cultures such as our international consumer culture makes for chaos in relationships, widespread crime and psychosomatic disease large-scale. These patterns are:
1) The Autonomy Pattern
2) The Ecstasy Pattern
3) The Energy Pattern
4) The Language Pattern
5) The Love Pattern
6) The Pleasure Pattern
7) The Self-Regulation Pattern
8) The Touch Pattern

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What is Shamanism?

‘What is Shamanism?’ within the Series ‘The Shamanic Quest’ is an opening essay for understanding what shamanism is and which role it plays today in Western society and culture.

The article proceeds empirically by clearly demonstrating in which ways shamanism is different from:

The purpose of the article was to show that shamanism really is a science, which becomes clear after comparing it with what seems to be similar movements in society. The article prepares a more thorough study of shamanism as a science, which is entitled ‘The Shamanic Method’ and part of the same series.

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Religion without Ritual

‘Religion without Ritual: The Autonomous Path to Spiritual Growth and Realization’ is a short article on the importance of autonomy in the process of true ‘religio,’ the inner quest for truth that is independent of any organized form of religion.

The short essays inquires into the subject by finding pairs of opposites in order to situate this quest outside of the conventional religious orders, sects, churches and organizations:
—Religion as Ritual
—Religion as Authority
—Religion as Autonomy
—Religion as Personal Growth

In truth, the inner quest for ‘religio’ and thus for connectedness with the inner guide or higher self, is based on autonomy rather than authority and it serves personal growth instead of providing the world with empty rituals.

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Inner Child Healing Workbook

‘Inner Child Workbook: Recovering and Healing Your Inner Child’ within the Series ‘The Journey to Self’ is a comprehensive guide and roadmap to recovering and healing the inner child.

Experience has shown that Inner Child Recovery and Inner Child Healing are two different processes and need to be done subsequently, with the recovery process logically being before the steps taken to healing the inner child.

Hence a successful Inner Child Healing process can only build on the smart you have applied to recovering your inner child in the first place, and this can be a tricky matter, which is why a step-by-step plan is needed. Thus follow the guide through from beginning to end without skipping a page! It is important! These are the steps to take:
—Inner Child Recovery
—Mastering Your Resistance
—Getting in Touch
—Inner Child Healing (In 3 Acts)

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