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Processed Reality

‘Processed Reality’ as part of the series ‘Perception and Reality’ is a systematic elaboration of all possible distortions of the direct perception of reality, and the various factors or pitfalls that bring about this distortion. Among them are factors that are related to the nature of the memory matrix, but also outside factors such as spiritual, ideological and emotional pitfalls.

The perhaps most important part of the study is the chapter on ‘The Myths of Worldwide Democracy’ that one by one the current myths of postmodern international consumer culture.

These myths form the underlying basis of the masses’ credo in a new form of pseudo-spiritual salvation that is cunningly weaved around a prosperity vocabulary, quick wealth formulas, the promise of the beneficial actions of multinational corporations and worldwide communication, and last not least the pretended liberalism and protective thinking in the education of children.

The essay reveals by and by what is behind the beautiful façade: the hard reality of lies, systematic manipulation and political cover-up, stringent emotional and sexual misery of our youth, an almost total ecological, systemic and spiritual myopia and an immense amount of structural violence that begins to suffocate us with the ever-increasing prison miles and mental hospitals built for those who disagree with the general mindwash—and whitewash—of global political, social and economic realities.

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