13 Ways for Reaching Wholeness


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Audiobook consisting of 14 MP3 audio files, 35 min., and 1 PDF, 33 pages, in one ZIP Archive (47 MB Download).


‘13 Ways for Reaching Wholeness: A Roadmap’ is a selfhelp guide that proposes thirteen techniques for becoming whole again and overcome fragmentation. The 13 Ways for Reaching Wholeness are:
1) Listen to Your Body
2) Watch Your Thoughts
3) Listen to Good Music
4) Learn Healthy Breathing
5) Integrate Your Emotions
6) Develop Self-Expression
7) Integrate Your Younger Self
8) Use Your Subconscious Mind
9) Declare Your Life’s Purpose
10) Practice Meditation
11) Develop Your Right-Brain Qualities
12) Accept Yourself and Embrace Others
13) Build Trust

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