7 Spiritual Declarations


Psychological knowledge is detrimental to inner clarity and inner peace. It is never complete and therefore fragmented. The only way to improve your life is to talk a new life into being. Words Create Reality. Declarations are the key to a healthy, abundant, peaceful and purpose-driven life.



7 Spiritual Declarations (Sample) by Peter Fritz Walter on Scribd


Audiobook containing 7 audio files, that are each a Spiritual Declaration (Prayer) for life-improvement, narrated by Dr. Peter Fritz Walter. The download comes also with an EBook (PDF). These are the areas for which the declarations are for:

(1) Literary Creativity (Resolving Writer’s Block)
(2) Promotion
(3) Attracting a Partner
(4) Money Inflow
(5) Making the Right Choices
(6) Health
(7) Travel Protection



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