Accept Your Ego, Build Your Self


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Audiobook consisting of 22 MP3 audio file, 104 min., and 1 PDF, 108 pages, in one ZIP Archive (149 MB Download).


‘Accept Your Ego, Build Your Self’ within the Series ‘The Journey to Self’ is an extensive personal guide manual helping to become aware of your unique soul values. The guide not only explains what soul power is, how it can be developed and strengthened, but also what stands in the way to developing it.

Building soul power requires to discover one’s self, to build a genuine identity. The guide shows that building a genuine soul identity is done through discovering our innocence, realizing our primary power, developing our soul reality, accepting our marginality instead of striving for conformity, recovering and healing our inner child, discovering and integrating our shadow, and our projections, and learning to see that a holographic image of the whole of mythology and human evolution is contained in our soul.

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