From Imitating to Originating


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Audiobook consisting of 10 MP3 audio files, 42 min., and 1 PDF, 43 pages, in one ZIP Archive (60 MB Download).


‘From Imitating to Originating’ within the Series ‘The Journey to Self’ is a systematic roadmap to entering the exciting life of a creator, and leaving imitating others behind forever.

The essay explains that it all starts with a change of attitude, because ‘attitude counts.’ How to nurture a creative mind is the opening question that is answered through four distinct methods or work duties for the aspirant creator, which are explained in all detail:
1) Write Your Story
2) Practice Meditation
3) Note Your Dreams
4) Experience Solitude

Each of these steps toward creatorhood is a challenge, especially the adventure of solitude as an essential step for affirming the autonomy of one’s selfhood.

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