The Warrior of Peace


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‘The Warrior of Peace: Building a Service Attitude’ is a guide to modern servant-leadership or team leadership that focuses on building a service attitude.

Why does our attitude have such a strong impact on performance? The answer is simple while the reality behind the answer is complex: Attitudes are like glasses; they mold our perception, they define how we see the world, how we perceive reality.

Already two thousand five hundred years ago, Sun-Tzu (544-496 BC) developed a personal philosophy based on attitude rather than on belief or ideas. The present article uses the image of a ‘Warrior of Peace’ for implementing the idea of a service attitude being based on values that are performance-driven in the same manner as a warrior in war tries to give his very best to win the battle; here the warrior is not one for fighting in a war but a warrior for his company to succeed in the market.

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