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The Six Jewels of the Servant-Leader

‘The Six Jewels of the Servant-Leader’ is a guide to modern servant-leadership or team leadership that comes with a handy six-steps scheme, from Step 1: Vision Building to Step Six: Create Ability.

As uncanny as it sounds, but 2600 years ago, the Daoist sage Lao-tzu has described precisely the qualities of the servant leader in the Dao De Ching with the laconic dictum that when the task is accomplished, and the leader had the right qualities in place, the people will say ‘We have done it all by ourselves.’

That selfless leading is not child play, but requires self-discipline, integrity and accountability next to years of practicing ‘serving by leading,’ everybody will know who is familiar with the requirements of leading organizations in our time of global change and constant challenges to the established ways of doing.

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