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Welcome to the Sirius-C Media Online Store. You find here in the Blog section complete previews of all the media products sold in the store.

The media I am selling in this store, contrary to my many books published previously with Amazon, are specialized for assisting you in your personal quest for spiritual growth and personal development.

The products are all digital and they are audiobooks that come each with a PDF e-book. All audiobooks are narrated by myself and can be fully streamed from Audiomack. The PDF documents are stored on EDocr and are equally fully accessible but can be downloaded, together with the audio files, only after purchase.

I have established a fair-price policy on this site which means that you as the user can adjust the product price to one that you are finding fair, and thus the prices you see in the store are just suggestions. The minimum price is 1$.

I hope that my media products meet your expectations for excellent support in the domain of selfhelp products online!

Peter Fritz Walter
January, 7, 2020

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